Labrador Retriever
About Us
As a family we have had Labrador Retrievers for four decades. Our children have had Labs or Lab crosses since they were born.

The first Lab was a yellow girl named Brandy. It was through her that we learned the what a wonderfully friendly and loyal dog she was her entire life. She was followed by a Lab name Shasha who was one of the smartest dogs we have ever been honored to own. There was no challenge we showed her that she didn't master. Our hearts were broken when she died at 15 years old.

Our son Casey was born in 1988 and shortly after we brought Holly home. Holly had a thirst for knowlege and a love for our son we treasured. He learned all the great lessons of how to treat a dog with Holly. God knows how very patient she was with him in those early years.

Five years later we added Bailey to our family. She was the perfect friend to both Casey and Holly. We always knew were our son was when he was playing on the farm. Both Holly and Bailey were always at his side.

Holly lived to be just short of 17 years old. We had to make the decision to let her go when my son was almost 17. It was one of the hardest things our son has ever had to do, to say good-bye to his life long loyal friend. Bailey followed a few years later at the age of 15.

The same year Maddux, our first male,  joined our family and has been with us for almost 9 years. He has proven to be such a wonderful companion. Palmer has been with us for three years. Maddux and Palmer are always together and are both great examples of such a wonderful breed.